Social awareness program for children

creating social leaders building responsible citizens


Children are trained to love and appreciate nature and encouraged to use simple ways to help in preserving nature and sustainable living.


Lack of civic issues leads to many issues today. Program helps in inculcating civic sense in the children at a very young age


Many of the problems in our country are due to lack of empathy and not accepting people with differences in society. Children are motivated to respect and accept everyone..

Need for Jwalamukhi program!

Right attitude and behavioral change leads to societal transformation

All the problems we see in society are due to citizens’ apathy  leading to multiple environmental, civic, and social issues. 

At Jwalamukhi, we believe , need of the hour is an Attitudinal and Behavioral change  in our citizens. This can happen when an awareness is created at a young age.

Why children ?

Children form an un-influenced set of community.

It is easier to train them, change them and build a positive citizen of future.

Jwalamukhi believes in building a positive citizenship by shaping children for a better future.

Volcano of change starts with  a spark. We believe in igniting that spark in the child to see a chain reaction of change in the future.

We love to work with our best

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