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At Jwalamukhi we are betting on our children’s ability to build a better society for themselves.
We aim at creating change agents who will act responsibly to build an
inclusive, patriotic, eco-friendly and respectful nation.

We serve only as guides and let the little creative minds free to rule the world.

About Us

At Jwalamukhi we are driven by a single goal – empowering children to build a better society for themselves

Who We Are

There are many roadblocks on the path to sustainable development in India, one of the biggest being the attitude problem of us citizens. Most of us feel that we are not responsible for the state the country is in, that there is nothing that we as citizens can do to make a real difference. And so, we take a backward step. Or worse still, we play the blame game.

Fixing this attitude problem is essential for building a more equitable, peaceful, environmentally-friendly society. We need citizens to be actively involved in their communities.

We need social leaders. We need change agents.

At Jwalamukhi, we believe that the best way to enable attitudinal change is to start young. Make a positive impact on very young minds, and it stays with them for life.

Come, join the Jwalamukhi movement!

Our Theory of Change

India requires leaders who will stand up for positive change in the social, civic and environmental spheres. But this generation of leadership will not emerge on its own. It needs to be catalyzed.

The best leaders of today (positive set) are trying to drive the country towards development, while the people from the negative set are pushing the country towards accelerated destruction. We can march towards development only when the strength of positive set increases. The negative set is not easily converted to the positive set. Biases, habits and attitudes that have solidified cannot easily be undone.

Children, on the other hand, are easily adaptable and can be shaped for a better nation. It is for this reason that Jwalamukhi works with school students, aged 10-12 years, the uninfluenced set – to plant the seeds of responsible citizenship and social leadership.

Positive Set

Positive Set

The conscientious citizens who, by their individual acts are contributing to the common good.

Negative Set

Negative Set

Citizens who, by their lack of basic engagement with social issues, are dragging our society backward.

Uninfluenced Set

Uninfluenced Set

India’s children, whose attitudes are yet to be shaped. JM aims at influencing them into the positive set.



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jCAP follows a 5-step framework. The students are first made to introspect and acknowledge their behaviors and attitudes. They are then made aware of the social, civic, and environmental problems around them, and their responsibilities toward society and nature. The students then act on their learnings and ideas, and take their first steps toward initiating change in their home and school. Now the students are supported and mentored to scale up their projects to achieve significant impact in their communities.

Finally, the young change agents graduate and become actively involved with the wider JM network and positively influence the next batches of change agents.


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Come, Join The Jwalamukhi Movement!

Our children have big plans, and they need all the help they can get!
You can support in many ways - by volunteering at our events, offering your knowledge and mentorship, providing financial support, or by signing up your school to our program.
We are keen to welcome you into our movement. Write to us!

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