Thank you for considering to donate to Jwalamukhi Trust.

 Donations to Jwalamukhi Trust can be made to our bank account provided here:

  AC name: Jwalamukhi Trust

  Bank name: HDFC bank, Sarjapur  Road branch -2,

                       Delta Signature, 83/3, Ambalipura,

                        Doddakanehalli, Banglore 560035

 AC #           :03541450000130

IFSC code    :HDC000354

Please note Jwalamukhi Trust can accept donations only from donors with Indian bank account

Donations to Jwalamukhi Trust are deductible under section 80G(2)(a)(iv) r.w.s.80G(5)(vi) of the Income-tax Act , 1961.

DIT(E)BLR/80G/155/AABTJ2301G/ITO(E)-1/vol 2011-2012  Date: 18/8/2011