Jwalamukhi is a program that empowers children. India is the youngest country in the world with 66% of our citizens being below 35 yrs.

By training, educating and empowering the children today would mean investing in the future of our county, investing in nation building as the strengths of any nation are their citizens.

While Jwalamukhi program focusses on training children around 10 -12 yrs with values and skills needed to become a good participating citizen, Shiksha program focusses on supporting children from orphanages or institutions educating these unfortunate children in getting equal opportunities in everything that’s required to bloom, grow and pursue their dreams.

No child should be left out.  When a child’s basic needs / requirement  health, emotional wellbeing are all taken care of, automatically the child will  be able to shine, grow with a positive and open  mind  and participate in various initiatives too.

This Shiksha program is spearheaded by L. Ravichandran.

After retiring from his services in IT industry, he is now focussing on this.

This is a new chapter added to Jwalamukhi this year.

We identify organisations introduced or recommended by friends and if their requirement meets our criteria then we support them.