Socially responsible

future Citizens

Training children to develop the right attitude leading to behavioral change required for responsible citizenship

About Jwalamukhi

Current Program Format

Jwalamukhi program is being conducted in schools for 5th and 6th std students. It’s very difficult to change an adult’s mindset and bring about a behavioral change in them. Jwalamukhi believes that children of this age group can be trained and molded to grow up as responsible citizens of the future.

The schools where the program is being conducted gives us one period for each class every week for all classes . The program is conducted from the beginning of the academic year till the end of the academic year.

Training Methodology

Keeping in mind the age of the students the following methods were used to train the children.

Group Activities

● Games
● Presentations and group activities
● Role Play by children
● Role Play by Trainers
● Story telling
● Group projects
● Street Play
● Special Guest Sessions


5th Standard

6th Standard

üGood and Bad Behavior
üI love Nature
üI am Unique (Every child is unique and special)
üImportance of Trees
üRespect Parents, Grandparents and all elders
üWater Conservation
üElectricity Conservation
üRespect Everybody (Irrespective of their religion, caste, language etc.)
üImportance of following Rules
üImportance of following Traffic Rules
üAir Pollution
üWater Pollution
üI love Nature/Importance of Trees
üSoil Pollution
üWater Conservation
üNoise Pollution
üElectricity Conservation
üJourney of Waste
üImportance of following Rules
üWaste Segregation
üImportance of following Traffic Rules


üProtecting Public Property

Special Sessions

We had special trainers with different expertise and skills take some sessions for the children.

Story telling session by Mr.Vikram Sridhar

Storytelling is a very important way to communicate social behavior. Even adults react positively to powerful narratives. Vikram Sridhar has a unique way to relate to children. While adults are influenced by emotions he uses animals to get his message across to children. He covered the following topics with his captivating stories. The children were left carrying strong messages on the topics

Our Team

Vasuda Ravichandran

Co-founder, Trustee, Jwalamukhi Trust

Lalitha Mohan

Co-founder, Trustee, Jwalamukhi Trust

Vijaya Balasubramaniam

Program Co-ordinator


Head Trainer


Support Trainer

Renuka Menon

Financial Advisor

L Ravichandran


Vasuda Ravichandran

Vasuda Ravichandran is a post graduate in Mathematics

 Took on the responsibility of managing the CRS (Corporate Social Responsibility) wing of HCL-Perot Systems – HPS Social Welfare Foundation as the Hon. CEO of the foundation.  She   helped HPS foundations from its launch in Bangalore until the time it wound up its activities when the management changed in the parent corporate organization. She was responsible for identifying credible organizations, analysing their work and recommending the organizations to the board. Monitoring the organizations that were approved by the board was also part of her responsibilities. Also headed the Bangalore chapter of Tech Mahindra foundation as its (Hon) Manager.

She brings with   her an experience of over 10 years in the field of non- profit organizations.

Cherishes the vision of seeing   a positive social change through children.

She likes to see the lighter side of life and writes on various things in life in her blog

Lalitha Mohan

After completing her post-graduation in Mass Communication, Lalitha worked in the Advertising and Media industry for 15 years. Later she started becoming active in civic activities in her neighborhood.  She was actively involved in promoting responsible waste management, sustainable mobility, reducing use of plastics and many other environmental and civic issues in her neighborhood. She also worked with the local corporation for pedestrian infrastructure in her area. 

 She is passionate about working with children.

 She co-founded Jwalamukhi along with Vasuda Ravichandran in the year 2010.



Vijaya Balasubramaniam has done her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, after completing her graduation in Business Management (BBM) from PSG College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore.

Post her corporate career with media and advertising, she now devotes her time and attention to social causes that she is passionate about.

She is actively involved in waste management implementation in her community and is responsible for initiating several campaigns championing the cause of a green environment including say “No to Plastic” campaigns.

She volunteers for a neighborhood lake in its revival and upkeep and has coordinated  fund raising and awareness programmes and has been part of several “Go Green” and environment protection activities.

Vijaya is a trained classical dancer and choreographer. An extroverted, energetic person she loves to train children of all ages. She choreographs dances for school students and her dances have won prizes in folk dance competitions.

Nritika Sathya

Nritika Sathya did MBA in HR after B.Com. After working many years in HR , recruitment and administration, her passion to work with children influenced her decision to creating a new chapter in teaching children. She works with children of all ages ranging from Kindergarten to Primary school ,helping them cope with life skills . Children love her.


Ambika has been a vey active member in her neighbourhood and participated in many civic and environmental activities. She has been a crusader of waste segregation & management and has worked tirelessly for the cause in her area.
Ambika is a strong believer in equality and respecting and accepting all differences/
She loves gardening and being with children.


Renuka Menon is a Chartered Accountant who has been in practice for about 20 years. She, along with her partner Manohari, specializes in providing accounting and financial services to small and medium organizations. When starting the practice after a 6 year break for motherhood, her target was to provide support to small ventures, which would otherwise not be able to afford access to the services of a Chartered Accountant. She and her partner, along with a network of other like-minded women in the same field, provide hands-on, highly personalized support to their clients.

Renuka helps her daughter, a young adult with special needs to create and sell block printed gift bags under the banner “Special World”, which have been very popular for their bright, festive looks. She has also recently started blogging about the highs and lows of parenting adults at 

Most important, apart from being an over-protective mother to two young adults, Renuka is wife and best friend to a busy entrepreneur, comrade-in-arms to a loving brother, and staunch friend to a small band of wonderful people.

L Ravichandran

Founder AI thoughts.Org.

After 43 yrs of IT industry experience in Business and Operational Roles, he moved to a mentor and teacher role.Hes portal AI Thoughts will be a platform to share, debate and teach about his experience, with special focus on AI for enterprise.

He is the mentor for Jwalamukhi Shiksha program.